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How to Do SEO (And a Trick to Automate the Process)


SEO (« Search Engine Optimization ») is where you take a website and do the things that Google & the other search engines love to see & reward with top ranks. Knowing what makes a site rank well and knowing all the tricks to getting it ranked to the top are what professional SEO experts have taken many years to learn, but this simple tutorial should give you a great idea of what to do and how to automate the process.
The first thing you need to know about SEO is that it’s almost all focused around links to your site. Many people focus on making their site look pretty or with lots of keywords… but the fact is that if you want to stand any chance of getting a top rank, you need to get links to your site – and lots of them.
The number one factor is search engine ranks is the number and quality of links that a site has. The links to a site are seen as a « vote » of authority and respect… which the search engines reward with a boost in rankings. The more links you get and the higher quality links you get will make the search engines think that your site is getting a lot of attention and deserves to be seen by more people.
Getting links is the best way to boost your site’s ranks. However in order to get a top rank, you need quality links. This is where SEO professionals come into their own – because many of these people have a long list of contacts and resources where they can get a lot of high quality links. One-way links from websites that have a high readership and a high « PageRank » are the best types of links you can get. An example of these links include a mention in a news report or a link from a blog post.
In order to get your site ranked to the top of the search engines, you should focus on getting as many top quality links as possible. However, this can be costly and time consuming. Which is why you may wish to look at « link building systems » to give you a more efficient solution. There are several services where you can sign up for a small monthly fee and have many high quality links built to your site on autopilot. If you wanted to get a high ranking, you might want to think about one of these services as they can save time and money in the long run.

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